Our Story

How do you define “outdoor”? A small break out of the busy modern world, leisure time with family, or a hobby? For us, a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts, “outdoor” means “reborn”. Feeling exhausted about the fast-pacing society, we are eager to find an escape shelter. For us, it’s going outdoors, doing outdoor sports, or relaxing at the beach with families. Going “outdoor” to us is what oil to an engine. It restarts us.


Years spent in outdoor activities enable us to dig deeper in this industry, thus bringing us here. To provide easy-to-access, practical, and affordable outdoor gears of good performance for both ordinary people and professionals, we created Commouds. We set the slogan as “Commouds, Born for Outdoors!”. Our products include beach tent, inflatable pool, air pump, snowshoes, air mattress, etc.


Bearing in mind the importance of good quality, especially for outdoor gears, we are dedicated to every procedure: design, material selection, production, packing, and delivery. We take the application scenarios and needs of different people into full consideration while designing. Customer’s satisfactory faces and appreciation are what we are striving for.


Besides, we offer a 30-day replacement policy. If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to contact us via support@commouds.com